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H2O X5 Award Winning Steam Cleaning System - Now Available in PINK!
  • H2O X5® - Steam Cleaning System

    h2o x5

    Deodorise & help sanitise floors, carpets, windows & more with this award winning 5-in-1 steam cleaning system

    Regular Price: € 99.99
  • Ab Command™ iX2™

    Ab Command™ iX2™

    See great results on your abs starting with just minutes a day, with this electronic muscle stimulation belt

    Regular Price: € 119.99
  • campaign

    Pressure Pro

    Pressure Pro

    Automatic pressure cooker that lets you cook family favourites perfectly every time in minutes at the touch of a button

    Your Special Price: € 119.99

    Regular Price: € 159.99

  • campaign

    H2O™ Power X

    H2O™ Power X

    Welcome to a new world of clean with this 6-in-1, super sleek, easy to use vacuum cleaner & steam cleaning system

    Trial for € 11.99
  • WonderCore® Smart

    WonderCore® Smart

    Fitness product designed to target your entire core from upper, middle and lower abs, to obliques in 6 great exercises plus cardio

    Regular Price: € 99.99
  • Slim'n Lift Caresse™ Jeans

    Slim'n Lift Caresse™ Jeans

    Slim 'n Lift Caresse™ Jeans from Thane combine the style of designer jeans with the comfort and soft feel of your favorite leggings

    Your Special Price: € 49.97

    Regular Price: € 59.97

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